The Other M&A Team Members

Your team's lawyer must have experience in M ​​& A or be specialized in these transactions because it's different from the "normal" one. Some entrepreneurs will still use the lawyer of their firms because they consider they already pay for their services, they know a lot about their businesses and obviously save a fairly consistent fee. But the lawyers of their firms will tend to see dragons everywhere. They will try to protect you from these dragons - sometimes even exaggerating the consequences for you to see how many unpleasant things you have been protected, thereby justifying their fees. But those dragons are common things, usual to M & A businesses. And they, having no such experience, are treating them like that.


Your financial consultant will usually be an audit firm. Big4 companies have an absolute reputation in the field, although they have appeared on the internet about all sorts of failures they have had. It is not mandatory to work with them. All the more so, as most of the time, they are highly demanded by denying some smaller firms, focusing on the largest ones to maximize their earnings. If you can afford and manage to work with them, it's good for everyone.


From our own experience, you have to get involved your chief accountant in selling your business. You will have to have it on your side as early as possible, strictly confidential or not. Usually it will be rewarded with a commission at the end of the sale.


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