About us

We are one of the very few Romanian M & A companies 100% on your part, the seller of a business.


We have experienced a lot before we come up with a process to sell a business with a chance of success of over 50%. Why is this unique?


Because other mergers and acquisitions firms prefer to only mediate the best businesses, the most representative ones in any field because they are selling them easily. If they try to sell a normal business, an average one in Romania using the same method, they would not succeed or would sell it very hard. We know because we tried that road.

We are currently helping 116 entrepreneurs to prepare their business for sale, and we will also help them with their actual sale when they want us to do so.


Being an M & A company, we are looking for buyers for somewhat larger businesses, that is, with a turnover of over 3 million Euros. We are best at manufacturing and commerce businesses worth between 15-60 million Euros. But we are also open to other projects.

Let's talk about your business, about what you want and about your options right now. Then we can set up a meeting for a discussion of about 1 hour at your headquarters (or a coffee somewhere in your town) by clicking here.