Your M&A Consultant

How does a good M & A consultant help you? I mean a consultant in mergers and acquisitions.

By many things, like:

  • the consultant will be the person who will plan and coordinate the whole process of selling your business, implementing the sales process of the company he/she represents

  • will use all his skills to shorten the time needed to close the sale and maximize the chances of success

  • will do his/her best to maximize the sales price and to obtain the best closing conditions

  • one of the most important things: it protects you (as a CEO) or more precisely protects the access of others to you, so you can focus on increasing your business

  • it will also take on the role of "bad cop" during the price negotiations to take over your buyer's animosity. That's because you will have to have and maintain the best relationship with your business buyer, all the more so as you may be forced by contract and by accepted payment methods to work for an important period of time as a manager in your business, already taken over by the buyer. While your M & A consultant, when he finishes his/her work, he/she will usually end his contacts with the buyer of your business - so he does not have a great need to maintain such excellent relationships after the sale.



Throughout the sales process there will always be ups and downs. Often, the situation will seem "dead" because apparent problems seem insurmountable. Some of the buyer's team members will work with the utmost caution, blocking the sale and highlighting major issues - at least from their point of view. Then maybe your team members will do something similar, especially when it comes to responsibilities and guarantees beyond the time of selling the business. Your ego and your buyer's ego may interfere. Many situations may occur. Everyone will pull in different parts of the business, depending on their interests. The only one that will keep an overview of the sale and will actively seek solutions out of the deadlock will be your M & A consultant. This is why it is extremely important to you.


For large or very large businesses - several tens of millions of Euros or even hundreds of millions of euros - the physical distance between you and the consultant is not so important because thinking of the success fee, he can afford even a weekly airplane visit to you. I insist that you pay attention to this because the rare contact between you and your M & A consultant, after you have prepared your business presentation materials, will lead to a very high chance of failure in selling your business.


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