Selling Process

The purpose of the process is to get a request from at least 80 potential investors to ask for more information about your business (to request the CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum). So that the chance of selling your business is at least 80%.

This process is intended for medium-sized businesses in Romania. But we also use it to sell the top business in each field too, because it offers the chance to get higher prices than the traditional methods.

Schematically,  the selling process is:

We prepare your business for sale depending on how much time we have for it: 1-3 months or even up to 18 months

We prepare the marketing materials for presenting your business as well as a list of about 2000 or even more financial and strategic investors from all over the world, suitable for taking over your business - along with their contact details: names and phone numbers of decision-makers, physical addresses, e-mail addresses.

Contacting the 2000 potential investors in your business. The key is to continue the process with all investors at the same pace, regardless of the specifics of each of them.

We want that at least 80 investors to ask for the CIM (Confidential Information Memorandum) so the chances for selling your business are at least 80%. We will send them the CIM after agreeing to treat all the received information confidentiality (NDA - Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Receiving 4 to 7 concrete take over bids (in terms of competitiveness between bidders) and the payment methods offered by them.

You will choose a short list of 1-3 offers. You will meet with the investors' representatives with the best offers for you, according to your criteria. You will choose the winning bidder.

Initial negotiations and signature of Letters of Intent will take place. After that, your best-bidder will start the due diligence.

It will take place after 1-4 months of checking your business. It will most likely offer you another price depending on the issues discovered in the due diligence stage. As a result you will be able to:

You will accept the new price and proceed to the closing of the sale.

You will negotiate new prices and conditions. To the extent that an agreement is reached, you will proceed the closing stage.

You will refuse the no.1 investor's offer. We will contact the number 2 and 3 investors from your Shortlist. The due diligence stage will be resumed with one of them, followed by the Final Negotiation.

We will proceed to drafting documents and the payments - in the negotiated terms.

The entire sales process - without the business ready for sale - takes about 9 months. This deadline can be extended by about 1-4 months if you fail to reach an agreement on the Final Negotiation with your best-bidder and you have to repeat the Due Diligence stage.

If you want to know more about what this involves and the costs involved, please contact us through the Contact page.